Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay, SE Queensland, Australia

Sunrise at Rainbow Beach, SE Queensland, Australia.

About 90 minutes drive north from the Sunshine Coast in SE Queensland, you can visit the areas of Rainbow Beach, and back around the inlet to its west, Tin Can Bay. You can also drive along the beach from the north side of Noosa Heads to get to Rainbow Beach also, but of course you need a four wheel drive, low tide and plenty of commonsense.

Just enjoyed a recent trip there, enjoying the peace and quiet, warm weather and even a storm and good rain. Plenty to see and do, or just chill out.

While Rainbow Beach is on the open ocean, being the Pacific Ocean, Tin Can Bay is on a large inlet protected by the Rainbow Beach peninsula to the east, and by the southern end of the large sand island of Fraser Island to the north east. As you may see from the pictures that follow, there is lots of boating and recreation around Tin Can Bay. Just watch the tides or you may get beached!

If a glorious beach is your thing, Rainbow Beach is the place.

The view from the Tin Can Bay accommodation at the marina.
Tin Can Bay is the place for boating, whether fishing, sailing or exploring.
Plenty of space for other water sports in Tin Can Bay.
Tin Can Bay. Plenty of sand and tidal range.
Rainbow Beach just after sunrise. Notice the road in the foreground.
Rainbow Beach looking north. If driving, watch the rocks and stay on the road or the sea may gobble your vehicle up.
Just to the north of Rainbow Beach is Inskip where your 4WD (only) can hitch a ride to the southern entry point of Fraser Island. All sand driving thereafter.

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