The town of 1770 and Agnes Water. Beautiful, special, Queensland, Australia.

The inlet at 1770 looking toward the caravan park. A great place for a swim, safe and the water is warm. And access to the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. What a contrast after a week on the road through the Australian outback.
1770 sunset. Never disappoints.
The beach at Agnes Water, just next to 1770, about 5km apart. One on the river, the other at this beautiful beach. 1770 just round the point in this picture, to the north. This our fourth visit to this area in the past five years. There is a simple reason why we keep coming back!
Agnes Water beach. Great for a morning walk, and so enjoyable for a swim soon after, The water just about perfect temperature.
Agnes Water main beach, with caravan park and town just adjacent. What a great place. Just don’t tell too many people!

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