August 2019

Inward loyalty, outward hostility

The sheep dog, so compliant, so loyal, so committed to the requests of its master, so dedicated to the wellbeing of its pack. Yet this same animal, like its master, can be so aggressive, so discriminatory, so excluding, of those who are not ‘us’. Them. So much us and them…

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Idyllic but keeping up appearances, for now

An iconic beach but requiring human intervention to ‘re-sand’ after mother nature’s intervention. If it were only so simple for our other icons, like the Great Barrier Reef. A reef now in serious deterioration, at the mercy of unfettered climate change and its destiny in the hands of the ’emperors’…

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When the best things in life are free

The joy, of just being with nature … Well the pedant may say nothing is free, everything involves a cost. Maybe, in terms of our usual life-styles or cultures. the control systems, capitalism, our relationships, and so on, perhaps that is true. It costs me to freely express myself in…

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