There is life, till there isn’t

Sunset at the “Ridge” in NW NSW.

The sun is there in the sky, until it isn’t. Life as we know it is present, until it isn’t. An aunt, forever in our lives, till she isn’t. Maybe, like the sun that sets yet its profound influence on us earthlings does not waver, the love and guidance of a special aunt remains with us always. Even when we are absent, distracted, otherwise. That influence lives on. Till who knows when.

To live, to truly live, is to be grateful for nature. For those who have nurtured us, integrated us, allowed us to be such an amazing part of a very considerable whole. I thank my aunt, for her life, for her inspiration, the world has been a better place for her being in it.

May you be at peace, in whatever paradise possible, contributing now to the entirety of nature, beyond our feeble means to comprehend yet you now all knowing. The wonder and we wonder. As many believe and some hope for. Death creating new life. Imagine that … indeed.

Perhaps the moon is like our lives on this planet. All alone, we lack the power to endure. But as a reflection of those who have come before us, we can link to the future, as energy distributed to a greater whole. We are, because we do, till we can’t.

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