She with no honour in her home town

Time to write about actions. Time for change. To be more respectful of those among us, whether they be fellow drivers on the road, someone on the phone, a public figure explaining their point of view. And mothers, and female politicians. And so many minority groups worthy of respect and dignity.

Respect what we have, because we have so much. But value those among us who have much to give. Who may not volunteer if they need to push and shove to get to the front of the queue. Instead, we need to be more honourable, and allow those people forward, to contribute without first having to compete for air-time. Establish a representative community, where the wishes of many are valued by the few who hold the microphone.

You men, time to show some manners, let the ladies through. Time to let them shine. For you to admire with a heartfelt generosity from the shade.

And so the relevance of my picture. Beautiful place. Just around the corner. On a sunny day, a little piece of paradise. We have beauty and wonder and special people among us. Time to appreciate what we have, and make space in all our lives  for all to shine.

And as someone once said, the best anti-septic of all is sunshine. Shine on your crazy diamonds!

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