In beautiful Chia (near Bogota), Colombia

The delightful view from our house in the hills near Chia, Colombia. We are at nearly 9,000 feet, in among the mighty Andes mountain range.

Yesterday we left the tourist area of Cartagena on the Caribbean Sea and headed back to Bogota by air. Flying with Avianca for about one hour was both pleasant and trouble free. While we are adapting to everything in Spanish, we are getting by quite well (thanks Google translate!).

Once in Bogota, we were picked up by Pedro as booked and we set off through the busy Bogota afternoon traffic for our lovely house near Chia in the ‘hills’. To be fair, they are real mountains here, but since we are already at elevation, we had some hills to climb in the last several kilometres.

We were first at our house and greeted in Spanish by the landlord. Initially confused, soon reunited with our full Australia family and our new Colombian one. Fun all around as we discussed our various routes and inconveniences (lack of sleep) to get here. Via Los Angeles or San Francisco, San Salvador or Houston, but all safe and sound. Many thanks to drivers David and Marco for delivering all passengers and baggage safely.

Early night for most, after some snacks for tea. Some slept better than others. Next morning, breakfast from our special Spanish lady helper, then most of the ‘crew’ headed off for their day trip with Marco.

Now relaxing with our beautiful view (hermosa vista) at our house in the country-side. Wondering how we may be able to ‘zoom’ some of the wedding for those back in Oz. We shall see, s the wedding site is an unknown in terms of WiFi bandwidth and services but we shall try. Otherwise, we get ready for the big day tomorrow, for the la boda!

View of Boca Grande (big mouth – a bay for safe harbour) from our room at Hotel Caribe in Cartagena. A bit hazy with the humidity. Yes it was hot and sweaty there, but we enjoyed it.
For our tour around Cartagena a few days ago, we travelled on a bus similar to this one, with ‘flow through’ ventilation for cooling, which was mostly pleasant that day, with us at the front and not huddled in with the majority of Spanish peaking tourists.
Example of the wall for the Walled City in Cartagena, being one of several tourist attractions in this fun and dynamic tourist spot.
Returning to Bogota from Cartagena in a plane equivalent to the one shown. Avianca have been very efficient, helpful and reliable, at least so far.

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