A Colombian wedding, in Tabio

What a wonderful and beautiful venue for a wedding. And how the beauty was matched by the hospitality, joyfulness, passion and energy of our Colombian hosts and family.
Looking back on the site of the wedding ceremony. Weather was fine and cool; the service respectful, emotional and special.

We have been so humbled and grateful for the unambiguous and extensive warm welcome we have received from our new Colombian family and their friends. People, came from nearby, from the US and of course, Australia, including two Melbourne based Colombian friends who returned home for this special day.

The service was delightful but the reception that followed was unprecedented for we Aussies. Starting with cocktails, the hospitality endured for hours. Speeches, singing, sumptuous food and then the dancing. The dancing was relentless for hours, and for those slightly on the elderly side, and at altitude, it was quite an effort. But so passionate and inclusive. We all agreed, it was one of the best nights of celebration of our lives.

Yes, there were some fatigue and self-inflicted wounds the next morning but again we all agreed, the night before was so worth the morning (day) after. We thank our Colombian hosts, as they wrapped their arms around us, and made us so welcome. Australia and Colombia together. It was simply fabulous.

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