Watarrka National Park (Kings Canyon), Northern Territory, Australia

More remote than Uluru, in terms of first world privilege and technology, and roughly half way between Uluru and Alice Springs (as the crow flies of the car drives) in the south central corner of the Northern Territory, Australia, Kings Canyon is worth the visit. The rim walk is the main challenge and feature of our visit, requiring some level of fitness, agility and wherewithal, a 7km or so are traversed, up and down rugged rock steps, gravelly paths and over may rock formations. Observe the signs, and manage your ego, and all is safe.

Once the rime walk is complete, a short walk is also available to observe the canyon from within. That too is a wonderful contrast, after seeing it from above. Further, if you are privileged enough to experience a helicopter trip, more wonder awaits, as he sheer size and majesty of this canyon is clearly apparent from that perspective.

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