Mossman Gorge. Beauty, wonder and danger, in equal measure

The beautiful Mossman Gorge. Mighty river, clean, cool. Stunning and exhilarating rain forest. Dangerous plants for the naïve. Do the indigenous tour if possible.
Looking downstream.
Churning rapids.
Wonderful and safe pathways to explore.
Everything is so beautiful. Every tree so wonderous.
Such diversity of plants.
The rainforest version of ‘dog eat dog’.
In every direction, beauty and diversity. Especially so in all its imperfection!
Even rocks are delightful, as props for the rest of the wonderful forest above. Life just abounds, among the lifeless!
The strangler figs. Survival of the fittest.

Such a wonderful place, in far north Queensland, in the world famous Daintree area. So worth a visit. Just be respectful. learn from the indigenous, and go gently.

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