On the road again – to Charleville, QLD

Charleville. About 750 km west of Brisbane, Australia. A gateway to the true Australian outback.

Wow! So on the road again. Hoping you too can do the same soon, if you have been in lock-down, or busy working. So nice to get away from the big cities, or just the busyness of life. Certainly a slower pace out here. Been a cooler day today, but will be heating up again soon, given we are heading into mid-Spring.

Charleville has its Cosmos Centre. Well worth a visit and enjoy the stars on a clear night but be sure to book in advance or miss out as we have. The local RSL was good for a feed and other places to eat in the evening. However, if you want a bakery or cafe on a Saturday, might have to check in before 1pm, or again miss out as we did. Sometimes you can be too relaxed even in Charleville.

Anyway, on the way in from the Sunny Coast, over the range in the early morning with lots of windy roads, bypassed Dalby as we emerged at Chinchilla on the highway and first stop for breakfast. Lunch-time stop was at Roma, then on to Charleville late afternoon. About 780 km for the day, after a 5am start. Helps to start early and thankfully no roos on the drive in, though lots of road-kill as we ventured further west. Crops looking good most of the way out, as this season has been kinder to all, and recent rains have helped those maturing crops. Here’s hoping for a good harvest.

Meantime, some attached snaps. Apologies for some of the quality, I am not a professional!

Oh the freedom, of being on the road again!
Historic house in Charleville at night.
Warrego River, which appears to be a billabong. See other view below looking upstream.
The dry Warrego River. A good place to walk among the gums.
Then the sun went down.
Post sunset, time to check out the water tower art. Changes to many colours, with other example below.

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