Hervey Bay, Queensland

Returning to the airport after an awesome scenic flight over the adjacent sand island of Fraser Island.
Hervey Bay, looking north. Tide in.
Urangan Pier at southern end of Hervey Bay. A busy fishing spot but best at high tide. At low tide, there is an extensive sandbar that bisects this pier, as can be seen above, that extends kilometres into the bay to the north.

Hervey Bay. Famous as an entry point for Fraser Island but also a location for retirees, young families and many others in-between. So many boating, fishing, sailing and other recreational opportunities here. A temperate climate and a bay area that is usually quite calm and protected.

The harbour at Urangan, a key exit point for travellers to Fraser Island and much of the boating in the area.
Just be aware of the tidal range in these parts or you may get stranded.

Yes, Hervey Bay is also a gateway for the tourists who enjoy their whale watching, as this piece of art in the hub of Hervey Bay business district shows.

Perhaps the punchline for this art piece is that the tail of the whale can be found at the round-about just down the road.
And the whales are out there, and quite close to shore on the east coast of Fraser Island. Apologies, not the greatest picture.

And then there is the very peaceful botanic garden in Hervey Bay too.

Something for everyone in Hervey Bay.

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