Mundubbera, Burnett River, Queensland

We have been most pleased to visit Mundubbera on our current road trip to the Coast, as we were keen to taste the delicious and fresh citrus fruit from this region. I have not been disappointed with the delightful oranges, straight from the orchard in recent days and free of all pesticides and other sprays.

We can recommend Bridgeview Orchard by the bridge in Mundubbera as a special place to source your fruit. Dot, Gavin and the Ford family there sell their fruit on an honour system. Further, we were intrigued to hear Dot’s stories about the mighty flood of 2011 when her house was 10 foot under. We were astounded, as that meant that the bridge I published yesterday (and included again today below) was many metres under water. What an incredible torrent of water! Indeed, how mighty is nature? And how amazing is that ‘irrigation’ system that channels such huge volumes of water via the skies!

Looking back toward Mundubbera, the Burnett River in the valley below. View from Wain’s Lookout on the back road to Gayndah.

And for those locked up for too long per the Covid-19 pandemic, here is some humour from the farming town of Gayndah, where we had a yummy breakfast.

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