Farewell … and don’t come back anytime soon!

If only it were that simple. If only we could rid ourselves of this pandemic as if it were a defined enemy, that could simply retreat, surrender or agree to a genuine ceasefire.

Sadly, we are dealing with an invisible enemy, that is clandestine, cunning, nimble and agile. Humans provide such an extensive network of communication channels to transport and amplify this contagion, and our only defence presently is to shutdown this viral highway. Unless we do so, the virus will continue its merry dance, or for some, a sombre funeral march.

Presently, its intelligence is out-playing our collective minds. Until we know otherwise, we must use brute force methods to outlive it, requiring unified and enduring efforts for long enough. Are we dedicated, strong and cohesive enough to cooperate at the necessary levels to achieve this, across our various discrete communities? Here’s hoping so, else its going to be a long and depressing period for the greater whole.

Conversely, if we are willing to endure (yes cliche coming …) “short term pain” then there can truly be long term gain. If we are not, then we are simply stupid and weak. As a species we must be better than that, and clever. Here’s hoping …

And this is my last post to this site, having moved my blog to my personal business site. If you have liked these posts and wish to discover my new address, please contact me via the means noted here. Or maybe, use your skills to track me down at my other site. Until then, see you on the other side!

And to those selfish trolls and cyber parasites logging spam on this site, bugger off to a parallel universe, the world does not need your bull shit at these times!

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