Nature is best … in times of crisis … to soothe us all

In these unprecedented times, when we are prevented from accessing our usual leisure and pleasure activities, when self-isolation, loss of employment or purpose, significant anxiety or substantial stress are taking an emotional toll, take every opportunity to stay connected to nature, to reset.

Watch a sunrise or observe a sunset from a beautiful vantage point if you can. Watch the waves roll in at the beach, notice and listen to the gentle trickle of water down a stream, smell the fresh fragrance in a forest after rain, or admire the vastness of desert or majestic ancient rock formations changing colour as the day passes.

Being with nature is a wonderful therapy. If you can share that experience with a trusted loved one, even better. Of course, in this era of social distancing, we need to be prudent and obedient in where we assemble to do so. But even if it is finding a window, and observing the birds outside, or the rustle of leaves on adjacent trees. Mostly, nature is there waiting, to be a comforting anchor among the storm of uncertainty. Use it, it is free. Now more than ever, staying connected, grounded, has never been more vital.

And when the sun goes down on your day, remember, every new day creates its own special experience. Look for it, and you will find it.

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