Time to shine and support one another

Unprecedented. Unchartered waters. Fear of the unknown. The moral dilemma of choosing between long-term utilitarian objectives and saving lives of the vulnerable in the short-term. The desire to sustain social cohesion while many activate their primal instincts and panic. We seek to be civilised but self-interest looms large. Aiming to increase our tolerance for the unknown, while our bodies communicate the unspoken dread.

Time for leadership, from those of us who have been otherwise entitled, privileged, fortunate, and educated. Some of us still with jobs. To access compassion and generosity, tolerance and patience, for the many who no longer do. To know that we the haves, need to share more with the have nots.

It’s time for each of us to shine and be our best. Now is the time to engage and optimise those human and social connections, not become isolated, withdrawn and depressed. Now is the time to lead with our actions and be the best version of ourselves.

And remember, the future will be shaped by what we do now! And next!

Best wishes and stay as safe as you can.

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