About Me

I am a privileged person. For that I am grateful. I also have had the opportunity to be educated in a wonderful and safe country. My work now is to help others as best as my life experience and education allows. There are many things I cannot do, but that which I can, I shall aim to share my knowledge, my ideas and suggestion, so that others may benefit. Maybe not all, and maybe not to all others’ satisfaction. But aiming to make a positive difference, for those who care to read what’s here.

Please share my journey. As I highlight the fun on my travels each day. Becoming the better us. The stories of the amazing and inspiring people I meet or learn about.  So pursuing gratitude for my past, seein

Our freedom exists between the stimulus and the response.

Emotional intelligence. Mindfulness. The emotions, driving our urge to act comes first. When there is time to think (mostly), choose your response wisely. Step by step, success may come. To do otherwise is to repeat the mistakes of our past.

Your reward can be a life of contentment, special relationships and positive achievement.

And so my stories here, my short narratives, shall aim to inform good decision making and compassionate living. And sometimes just fun or inspiring experiences, while travelling or working. While meeting people and enjoying our awesome and beautiful planet.