Brisbane. Getting to know the river city.

Nice to get to know the river city in south eastern Queensland, Australia. Wedged between the beautiful and spectacular beaches of both the Sunshine Coast to the north, and the Gold Coast to the south, it seems Brisbane is increasingly celebrating its river bounty. Sometimes in excess, but usually plentiful and mighty, so much fun to cruise these calm waters, protected from the harsh ocean yet sufficiently expansive to provide refuge from the busy adjacent streets and buildings.

For the tourist, much to do in this fine city. Sometimes humid and sticky, and stormy, but mostly fine, warm and welcoming. Everything you could need is here, and if you want a fine beach, just head north or south. A gateway then to a beautiful and friendly part of Australia.

View from a cruise shift about to leave port. On the Brisbane River.
Make sure you cruise the river cats. Smooth, comfortable, regular, efficient, friendly crews.
A city ‘on the up’. A city of bridges.
On a warm balmy night, so wonderful eating out in the city of Brisbane. If in doubt, head to South Bank.

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