Wellbeing does require effort and discipline …

My wonderful partner’s gorgeous art-work and embroidery. OK, I’m not a dinosaur but …

I wrote yesterday that wellbeing is nurtured by many things that are free. The ‘bad’ news is that those ‘free’ things still require effort and personal discipline. Like exercise, getting to bed and arising earlier, choosing healthy food options, limiting alcohol consumption, not smoking, practising gratitude and pursuing education.

Meanwhile, we are offered so much more automation that precludes cardio-vascular workouts, weight-bearing activity and the consumption of fresh food and vegetables. So as I have stated, I am not a ‘dinosaur’, but … as I saw the young man enjoying his motorised skate-board yesterday, and I see the prevalence of new motorised bicycles and electric scooters for the elderly, I realised we are well entrenched in the obesity era.

As with all technology, there is a time and place, and I for one love the modern technology (perhaps with the exception of gaming … ok a generational thing!). But just as we realise the need for digital detox, there is a time and place to move naturally; walk, run, swim or cycle without the motor and your wellbeing will advance. It just takes effort and discipline. Its also one of the differences between success and failure.

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