Alotau, Milne Bay PNG. Diversity, beauty and kindness

Leaving our snorkeling spot, across Milne Bay from Alotau village. Typical weather, 100% humidity and intermittent showers but water warm. Bumpy ride in the speed boat both ways but fun. Thanks Skip!
Our little lagoon for the morning. Helpful, kind and some curious (young children) locals.

The snorkelling today was marvellous with many tropical fish of various shapes and colours in the vicinity of the small wreck we explored. Coral too of interest.

Meanwhile, our guides and local support crew were so respectful, gentle, and courteous. Many thanks to them, as we continue to be the ‘invaders’ into their lands, where there remain many have nots, and a small number of haves (including our tour folks). It is tricky to be a visitor while not being patronising or dismissive. Like our precious climate and planet’s ecology, we do also need to tread carefully in terms of our cultural impositions.

Visits to the other PNG islands in this vicinity will also be instructive. Hopefully my fellow travellers on the ‘big boat’ can be sufficiently respectful as we explore these kind people’s neighbourhoods. Life is special and precious no matter where you live on this planet Earth. Tomorrow I am sure will be another precious day.

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