Room with a special view

The view from Mt Oberon, near Tidal River, Wilsons Promontory, Victoria. Australia. “The Prom” is the southern most edge of mainland Australia, with the great island of Tasmania to the south across Bass Strait.

In the age of the digital camera, I have so wanted to return to this spectacular place and capture this most special view. It is one of my favourites in all of Australia. So while I aim to return one day, I thank our family friend who provided this source image, extracted from her MP4 file created near sunset.

The process of accessing this view takes some effort. After hiking up a fire access track for some distance (are we there yet?), with no vision of the splendour to be latterly revealed, it is truly exhilarating to see this view once astride the large rocky prominence. Views in all directions, and coastline to the north and south, with a series of little bays to the north.

Surely, and I know this, there are so many wonderful and natural views to be seen across this beautiful blue planet. However, perhaps it is because of the special relationship we may have had with these places, the view seems even more memorable. For me, that related to (1) a family holiday as a youngster, (2) a school camp, and (3) trekking with my loving partner.

In any case, I commend this view (and this National Park) for those of you who can access it. If you appreciate natural beauty, space and that intersection between land and sea, you will not be disappointed.

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