Big country, big state, much diversity

It is always both fun and a privilege to travel this great country, to see its vastness, its challenges, and differences. Thankfully, it is also so wonderful to discover that practically anywhere you do travel in this large country, you can still feel ‘at home’. But of course, not everywhere looks like home. In that context, I thought it was interesting to contrast the two grazing scenarios, both after reasonable recent rain, from the north west, and the south east, of the same state of Queensland.

Cattle grazing near Mount Isa in the north west of Qld.
Cattle grazing in lush pastures near Woodford, south-eastern Queensland.

Farming in western Queensland, indeed outback Australia, is so different from the more intense farming closer to the coast or in the higher rain-fall areas in the south of this continent. I am so fascinated now with how such outback folks make it work, and if nothing else, they are tough in the north.

Please also know our friends in the north are not free of their longstanding drought and still need good rain in the next rainy season. Further, even with rain in the north-west, some have also lost much of the new growth to grasshoppers. Life truly is tough on the land, and as you are next enjoying your fresh food bought at your local supermarket, please remember the hard work of the farmer and their family who made it possible. Enjoy!

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