Julia Creek. A proud place to be.

Despite the devastating floods in Feb 2019, this pride of people in this harsh place shines through. A special town with a special marsupial (like them, threatened, but battling on).

Julia Creek was once a distant place on a map for me. Mental note for many years was, I will get there one day. It sounded special. And it was, as my recent visit there revealed. Special people, hardy, determined, friendly, no-nonsense.

A short visit only this time, but I’ll be back. Meantime some images encapsulating some of the character of this place, in central-north-western Queensland.

Flat country for many kilometres, and in the recent past, under lots of flood water. So many cattle were washed away or perished with hypothermia. The tough times are still being endured hereabouts, from seven years of drought, to the recent flood. Another long road ahead to recovery.
Same flat land, different transport. This railway line only recently repaired after substantial flood damage to the east of here.
The Julia Creek racecourse, of course.
Julia Creek Arena at the racecourse. Camp drafting and other similar events held here. I bet she is jumping here when the actions on!
Julia Creek art. Paying proud tribute to those fine young men who gave their lives and service to Australia in past years, in the great wars, in this case, WW I. Further tributes are apparent in the memorial shown below too.
And the iconic windmill. As I learned, so much water available under-ground, as artesian and sub-artesian bores provide much water in these parts. Can be very hot as it arrives at the surface. Now capped and piped to preserve water lost in open channels via evaporation.

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