My hometown. Always will be.

On my occasional visits to my hometown, I see it increasingly through the eyes of a tourist, a visitor, and outsider. But forever it will be my hometown. I am grateful for that, to have grown there, educated there, entertained there, and been safe there. Friends and family there too.

Thankfully, retaining its greatness, even as it changes, even as it stresses (traffic), frustrates (weather) or obsesses (sport). So just some reminders attached, of my hometown. To reminisce, to enjoy, to know that, with great appreciation, that no matter where I now live and work in Australia, Melbourne. always will be, my home town.

Looking north from the Shrine, to the Melbourne CBD. Eureka tower with its rival tall sibling emerging to the left.
The view from Eureka tower. Looking east toward the mighty MCG and the other adjacent sporting precinct. Melbourne does do sport, domestic and international in a big way! And if you are not into sport, the lovely Dandenongs in the backgrounds are a lovely and scenic place to visit.
Inside the mighty MCG. OK, not on my recent visit but early 2017 when 88,000+ people attended a T20 between the two rival Melbourne teams. A special place to many Australians.
More and more, Melbourne is embracing the surrounding waters of Port Philip Bay. Here is the view from Willamstown looking east, reminding me of my long deceased father who made the long daily work commute to the dockyards nearby. Gratitude to him for his many years of dedication to hard work and family.
Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens are truly a treasure and well worth a visit, especially on a hot day. So beautiful, so close to town, and nearby is the (perhaps) undervalued Yarra River.
For a very long time, Melbourne has had a very vibrant music scene, with live bands performing and many resident musicians living in this town. On the recent new year’s eve, was treated to a free concert in the Footscray Gardens. Diverse bands, diverse cultures, no alcohol, fine night, fireworks, and a wonderful and safe night of joy and good cheer. Thankfully, despite the ‘fake news’, Melbourne is a successful and cohesive multicultural town.
New Year’s Eve crowd at Footscray Gardens, with a shout out to a university that set me on my current pathway of being a mental health practitioner. Again, grateful for that opportunity, so in several ways now, Footscray holds special memories for me, and now it is so growing, beyond simply being the ‘poor western suburbs’. Plenty of good cheap food to be had here too. Enjoy!

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