Grateful … to be living in a holiday destination … by the sea

So we have travelled up the western Australian coast, and so admired the Indian Ocean, the Ningaloo reef, the turquoise waters, the stunning colours of the Kimberley, the gorgeous sunsets in Darwin, and so much inland, the rugged and ancient landscapes, the rock pools, the joy of being on holidays and seeing so many wonderous places.

But holidays end. That one did. Back to a new beginning. Work. Routine. What else?

What if your new home was in a holiday destination? For me it is.

In my past, my home was land-locked. No significant or extensive view of the horizon. Sometimes on my friend’s farm, on the flat land, you could so admire the sunrises, the sunsets, the in-between and what the sky, the weather offers our visual senses. But rarely at home. No such vantage point. No such expansive perspective.

But now I live by the sea. How novel. How joyful. On every morning or evening walk, so much to see, so much to notice, so much to be grateful for in this sensual and liberating space.

And being in awe. Like seeing the moon rise over the ocean, and Mars nearby for company. Mars at its brightest and closest for many a year. Only Venus on the other horizon the brighter non-lunar object in the emerging night sky. Seeing the moon-shine on my adjacent sea from so many kilometres away, reflecting the sun’s rays that I could no longer see, except so beautifully and indirectly.

So here I am, some weeks on, enjoying my new back-yard. It is pretty cool. Working while others are at leisure and play. And when it is my turn, I am like I am on holidays at home. Something to be grateful for, in this beautiful country, and witness to so many stunning seascapes.

And then there was the dolphins. Almost forgot. Just doing my regular walk late evening on the edge of my new town, and what was that splash? And again. Several, maybe four of them, their silhouettes and the gentle water turbulence created as they gracefully weaved in and under the water, clearly visible against the silvery and smooth water of dusk. More joy. I travelled across our grand continent to see these special mammals and here were these joyful creatures in my back-yard. Life goes on, wonderfully.

The moon, the clouds, the sea, the serenity. The expansiveness! My local beach. Time to learn to surf… next.

Same beach. But every day, every evening, every tide, a new look. The sky, the waves, the sand, the passing ships. I do love my new back-yard. Find ways to appreciate yours too, just venture out beyond your four walls and fences.  Enjoy! From SEQ.

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