A new beginning on the Sunshine Coast Queensland – Aug 2018

The revolving cycle of life. From firsts, to lasts, and lots in-between. Starting again in a new location, new state, although to be fair and respectful to so many immigrants, and refugees, still in our special and beautiful country.

And to re-affirm the key values of this blog, gratitude, joyfulness and kindness.

I am so grateful for this exciting opportunity to start again. I intend to not waste this opportunity. To that extent, I aim to remember what a joyful place it is where we live. And yes, where other Australians live too, mostly. Mostly, you can make it so … And kindness is circular too, thankfully, if only more people discovered that. Invest in kindness and the dividends will be endless. You then become joyful, and grateful, and the cycle continues.

I am also grateful that I have some skills that I can offer to others that can improve the quality of their life. That may include sharing ideas, experiences, knowledge and information. Sometimes I get passionate about sharing the ways we can improve our lives, to perform better, to be more innovative, creative, decisive, calmer, etc. So from time-to-time, you will see me expressing myself here.

The opportunities to express myself here, in the context of my vocation and training, will be my new journey here. At least till the next holiday! In any case, I trust there can continue to be pictures of joy, beauty, wonder and might posted here too. Just have to keep that camera ready because every day … anything can happen. And because we can choose to be lucky, just be prepared and courageous enough to engage purposefully and with integrity when that opportunity knocks. More circularity …

Meantime, a Winter’s view looking south from Point Cartright, Sunshine Coast Qld, toward Caloundra n the distance.

And tonight’s sunset done over Moffat Beach Sunshine Coast Qld, at the distant southern end of the beach above.

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