Cape Range National Park day 2. 20180527

Today started at a leisurely pace with some clothes washing done before we set off to the Park once more. Plans were afoot to both walk above and travel by boat on the Yardie Creek, but only a walk eventuates as boating was booked out. Aiming for next days instead. Nevertheless more fabulous views around Yardie Creek, from above and at river’s┬ámouth. This is where the bitumen ends travelling south and unless you have a vehicle to cross the Yardie Creek at low tide, its end of the road. For those who are adequately equipped, subject to tides and seasons, it is possible to travel along a 4WD track all the way south to Coral Bay from here.

After our short hike, again being moderately challenging with some rock climbs and descents, it was time to check out the multitude of beaches along the approximate 50km stretch of the park. Many are dirt tracks in only so we applied a little judgement regarding those we visited. In any case, our first stop was the beautiful Osprey Bay, the main snorkelling spot for the day. While the reef was not quite as stunning as in other parts just off the beach, the diversity, colour and number of fish made up for this. And again, just a short walk off the sandy beach onto the safe reef.

Other beaches we visited were Oyster Stacks and the scrumptious Turquoise Bay, being tomorrow’s snorkelling venue. Hopefully my travelling partner (TP) will venture in too for a look. That is the plan.

Then it was home before the wildlife became too rabid. No dingo sightings today but many small kangaroos late, and two emus  skulking around our camp gate as we returned for the day. The late sun on the adjacent ranges is also so pleasant, I had to take a few shots. No sunrise to view over the ocean tonight given our curfew but check out the sky from our camp anyway. Must have looked gorgeous over the ocean.

Tomorrow more Park and hopefully the river cruise, plus snorkelling. These beaches here are truly the equal of just about anything you could see in Australia, I would expect. They are wow!

Yardie Creek images. Following the boat we could not join. Hopefully next time.

The mouth of the Yardie Creek and crossing point for 4WD vehicles. Seems we are now at low tide.

From the mouth of Yardie Creek looking upstream.

The gorgeous Osprey Bay, looking north. Today’s amazing snorkelling spot. So many fish of so many shapes, sizes and colours. This was wow! Notice the reef to the left and such easy access to get the gear on.

Osprey Bay again, same spot looking south west. Again the inner reef is most apparent as is the end of the reef to sea, where the breakers are and the ocean becomes quite deep quite quickly.

Oyster Stacks. Another good snorkelling spot but at high tide. No time to try today, maybe later…

Turquoise Bay, the most popular of all the snorkelling spots in the Park. There are some currents that run north south, and vice versa further south which can aid the gentle snorkel across the reef, as long as you mind your bearings and extract oneself before being caught in an outward current at the end of the beach. Tomorrow’s adventure hopefully.

Returning to camp. The late sun on them thar hills.

Looking at our camp and the sun on our back. Stepped into the shadow of our vehicle to eliminate my shadow, but got Boris’ instead. Oh well. Note the moon in the sky. A full moon is imminent. We look forward to that.

Ok had to get a picture of old man, or woman, emu. Just by our camp’s gate.

And the last colours of the day from our campsite.

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